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Walking Home to Rosie Lee
My most recent book

"A" is for Alexandria. I write books for young readers and move quite a lot. I have lived in Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, New York, California, Arkansas, and now Illinois again. As an avid hat-wearer who moves around a lot, I believe that home is where you hang your hat.

I'm pleased to announce that Stella Stands Alone is now available in paperback from Simon & Schuster. Milkweed Editions recently released my fantasy novel, Water Steps, which is quickly becoming a favorite with young readers. This April sees the publication of The Keening, which takes place during the pandemic of 1918. My first picture book, Walking Home to Rosie Lee, tells the seldom told tale of the reunification of African American Families at the end of the Civil War.

I’m the proud mother of a stupendous daughter. See a photo and learn more.

I'm so fortunate to combine writing with teaching. During the academic year, I teach creative writing at Greenville College—a wonderful Christian Liberal Arts college with an excellent comment to service, academics and faith. I’m also the advisor of their school newspaper, The Papyrus. At Hollins University, I teach children's literature in their summer graduate program.

As a kid I collected living salamanders and tree toads. My biggest collection was 22 tree toads and 7 salamanders, all living in a window well.

My first book was called Phantom on the Terrace. It was a handwritten novel about a group of girls (me and my school friends) investigating a haunted house Scooby-style.

I love to work in the garden—planting, weeding, keeping my cats from sleeping on the flowers. My favorite flowers are poppies, roses, and hibiscus.

I have one pet: Dixie is a delightful dog who loves walks, a game of chase in the backyard, and might try to take up a conversation in a low-pitched rumble.

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